teeth whitening & enamel boosting kit


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achieve your dream smile without harming your gums or tooth enamel

Whiten your teeth and remove stains quickly using our clinically proven formula which contains natural ingredients.

Boost your whitening results with high frequency 405nm violet light followed by soothing near-infrared red light therapy.

"I've tried countless teeth whitening products and nothing even comes close to the GLO405 kit."

- Sammy from Rochester, NY

Naturally strengthen your tooth enamel and slow down tooth decay through this safe remineralization treatment.

Decrease the visibility of stains and counter the various hues in your teeth with this non-invasive brightening treatment.

don't delay your dream smile any longer

Meet the complete teeth whitening solution that prioritizes your oral health and enamel strength.

Dentist-formulated for sensitive teeth.*

our mission is to bring confidence & radiant smiles to people everywhere

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